Telescope instrumentation

The telescope is the main but not the only part of the gears you need in astrophotography.

Our main tools are :

a 130mm F8 Apochromatic Astrophysics refractor, a model perfect for Sun and planets but also ideal for deep sky.

A 14" (354mm) Dobson goto telescope, great aperture and motorised able to view for any objects.

a great number of optical and mechanical accessories accessories:

Baader coma corrector

Astro-physics X.67 reducer

Pentax format Astro-physics field flattener 6x7

Baader RGB filters 1.25"

IR 685nm baader filter

IR820nm Astronomik filter

Daystar H-alfa chromo filter with 4.2x integrated Barlow

Diagonal prism

Herschel diagonal filter

many more...

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