About the Author

I have been an amateur astrophotographer since 1978.

I used several tools and faced personally the troubles of this complex hobby for many years, when in 2012 decided to buy a 14" Skywatcher Flex-tube Goto telescope, searching the cheapest and easiest telescope to be able to capture planetary imaging and more.

After years of trials and efforts, I think have shown that good results can be achieved with Dob telescopes, thanks to CMOS short exposure cameras and powerful software like Sharpcap.

I managed to capture fantastic images of the Moon and of planets, but I also tried to capture deeps sky objects, despite the fact that a telescope on a wood AzAlt mount is not recommended for imaging at all.

By capturing frame shorter than 1 second, field rotation, mount defects, and guide requirements have been defeated to a remarkable extent.

It has been a challenge incredibly difficult, but I report this task as feasible.

Please feel free to navigate in my Facebook photo gallery to see my images.

Clearly, the lucky ones able and patient enough to run this hobby with an EQ mouth, autoguide and CCD long exposure, are still able to achieve the best quality and are fully respectful.

If anyone is experience same results, or want to try a similar path, your are welcome to contact me, I will be happy to share this incredible experience by just remotely connecting their PC to our telescopes.