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Author: Maurizio Mollinari

Navigate in the Space from your PC with Stellarium!

Choose a sky object and watch it in the Star map below!

By this site the You can:

  • Connect live from your PC to our remote telescopes

Telescope 1 (14" Skywatcher reflector)

Telescope 2 (5" Astro-Physics apocromatic refractor).

Telescope configuration can be set up as planetary or deepsky at request.

  • Watch live on Fabook or Youtube our broadcasts of Astronomical events, as announced on Facebook or in this page.

  • Navigate in our Portal and use interactive public tools : Atlas of Sly and Space simulations

You can use online Stellarium or Cartes du Ciel planetarium and Sharpcap capture softwares: Just Type the name of a astronomic subject or click the mouse on the obejct and point the telescope .

Watch the image captured by the camera connected to the telescope: Sun, Moon, stars, planets, nebulas..

After capture, you can retrieve all the files for your processing.

If you are a member of our Facebook TelescopesCloud group we can process them.

Click on the image below to watch an

Interactive 3D solar system simulation!

Examples of images taken with our instrumentation

Watch live broadcast of our telescope at work

Learn how to use software and hardware to produce beautiful view and images of Solar system and deep sky objects.

You can Join our Cloud group to benefit of all services including High end Astrophotography data processing and enhancing.

Go in our Contacts section for requesting more info.

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